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Boasting one of the planet's most diverse landscapes, Chile has in recent years become an increasingly popular travel destination, particularly among nature lovers and adventure seekers. Here in this long, narrow nation on the west coast of South America, travelers will find an array of stunning sightseeing opportunities, from the tall peaks of the Andes and endless beaches to lush temperate forests, ancient volcanoes, and a dramatic coastline.

Chile is also blessed with an abundance of superb national parks and conservation areas, many of them popular destinations for those into trekking and hiking, as well as those who enjoy adventurous things to do such as climbing, river rafting, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

The Atacama desert, the glaciers of Torres del Paine National Park, the mighty Andes, the wine valleys of Maipo – and let’s not forget Easter Island. There’s a lot to discover when you’re visiting Chile.


Destinations & Lodges


Patagonia lodge:

This astonishing lodge is placed in a private, exclusive reserve overlooking Torres del Paine National Park. So it's the perfect spot to enjoy the landscapes that the Parks give us.

Patagonia Lodge's strength is in his attention to detail. From day one, we are going to focus on making the excursion special, based on your interests and your likes. 



Atacama lodge:

From Atacama Lodge you can reach the impressive natural scenery of the Atacama Desert and explore its singular landscapes, quite unlike anywhere else on earth. If you ever visited a desert, Atacama is going to surprise you, because it is nothing like you imagine: vast salt flats, active geysers and intense blue lagoons are just a few of the extraordinary features of this region.