Mashpi Lodge Ecuador


Located on a scenic plateau, the lodge features breathtaking views of the surrounding forested mountains and their unique ecosystems. The design and style enable total immersion through its floor-to-ceiling panoramic glass windows. Like a cathedral to the natural world, Mashpi is a perfect blend of luxurious comfort and engagement with one of the world’s most stunning environs.

Placed at a former lumber mill, Mashpi Lodge was built using the latest techniques in sustainable construction in order to blend in perfectly with its natural environment, respecting the natural space it occupies. Stunningly contemporary, Mashpi Lodge makes for a true cocoon of luxury in the middle of the forest.


An exclusive privilege of our guests, dining at Mashpi offers another form of exploration and delight: a discovery of the diverse regions of Ecuador through the fresh and local ingredients that are found in the exclusive gourmet dishes, all of them accompanied by exquisite wines and cocktails.



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A steaming, breathing and living place

Mashpi lies in the Ecuador Rainforest within the Metropolitan District of Quito – the capital of Ecuador. The surrounding reserve ranges in altitude from 500 meters to 1200 meters (1,640 to 4,000 ft) above sea level. Mashpi provides guests with an unprecedented opportunity to explore both cloud forest and rainforest – two types of ecosystems that are highly rich in species and biodiversity.


This lodge Offers:

Spa sessions/ Boutique store/ Viewing plataform: provides the ideal space to immerse yourself in the world of Mashpi / Expedition room: An extensive library of books awaits in the Expedition Room on the first floor / Laboratory: The laboratory is the home of investigation projects that are carried out within the Mashpi Reserve, manned by the resident Wildlife Project Coordinator / Life center: Located an easy 20-minute walk from the Lodge, the Life Center is one of the most magical places in the Reserve. Watch tayras and tropical birds come to feed as you relax or breakfast on the wooden deck, feeling at one with nature.


Activities to enjoy Mashpi to the fullest:

Day hikes: Put your boots on and experience the raw power of the Mashpi waterfalls as you bask in the placid swimming holes at their base.
Night walks: Stand still and tune-in to the animals that lay awake at night.

Life Center butterfly farm: See the different stages of butterfly metamorphosis from the breeding programme experts. And then, marvel at the beauty and intricate patterns of these delicate creatures as they land on the tips of your fingers.

Sky bike: Spin your legs through what feels like a dream, as the wheels lift off crossing the lush canopy of the magical Mashpi jungle and enjoying amazing views of the immense forest below.

The Dragonfly: It consists of an open-air cable car where guests are taken across 2 kilometers (over 1 mile) of forest, bringing them within arms-length of the canopy itself at certain points.

Kid's: Where the young have their own space for their personal voyage of discovery in Mashpi Reserve, with kid-friendly tools that allow them to dig deeper and get inspired, accompanied by an expert that will awaken their love for science and nature. For our young guests with an artistic flair, Mashpi offers activities like painting and printing designs on t-shirts.

Other activities: From a soothing dip in the hot tub, an invigorating stretch on the yoga deck or a delicious SPA treatment, Mashpi Lodge will not disappoint. Teenagers are also free to lounge out at any one of the numerous, comfortable nooks throughout the Lodge and enjoy a book or browse the web with our high-speed complimentary Wi-Fi.


Intimate luxury amid wondrous nature

Yaku suites: The lodge’s three Yaku Suites are perfect for couples looking for a more intimate, luxury experience. The state of the art tubs offer the perfect opportunity to soak and relax after a fay chockfull of forest activities. (Occupancy: 2 people)

Wayra rooms: The Wayra rooms are ideal for large groups or families. Rooms can be interconnected for a more shared experience. They are spread out over the tree levels of the Lodge, so you can chose the view: forest floor or canopy and above. (Occupancy: 2 adults, 2 children under 12)

Wawa room: The Wawa Room is ideal for a more intimate, solo experience and comes with special rate offers. Smaller than our other rooms, the Wawa Room is ideal for the traveler looking to experience the forest on their own. (Occupancy: 1 adult)