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The Finch Bay Hotel occupies a prime position next to the only public beach in the town of Puerto Ayora, on the south side of Santa Cruz Island.

This hotel is your Galapagos exploration headquarters, a beachfront base from which to discover the wildlife of the islands aboard our private yacht and create your own adventures on land and sea. A stay at this Galapagos luxury hotel allows you to feel the islands’ essence.


Enjoy an extraordinary culinary experience, surrounded by the gentle sounds of ocean waves and the natural beauty of the islands, all from our restaurant! Every plate on the menu features its own story, created with gastronomic techniques of the highest quality and an unrivaled passion.


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Galapagos Islands:

The Galapagos Archipelago is a one-of-a-kind wildlife destination. Here, visitors revisit history as they experience life before man, walking alongside hulking giant tortoises, ever-curious sea lion pups, and dynamic volcanic landscapes. Travellers are drawn to this secluded utopia by the enormous variety of life that the islands hold.

There are several islands to visit! The Finch Bay is honoured to be able to offer its guests a truly memorable visitor experience aboard its own yacht, the Sea Lion. Our day cruises carry our explorers to some of the most iconic, wild and pristine islands of the archipelago.


To enjoy this adventure to the fullest, the hotel offers:

Swimming pool / Spa services / Open air restaurant & bar / Optimal location in the Galapagos Islands / Wi-fi / Business center / Airport transfers / Air Conditioning / Laundry & basic services


Finch Bay offers this amazing experiences:

While staying at the Finch Bay in Puerto Ayora you could read a book by the freshwater swimming pool, or contemplate life among the mangroves… You could feel the rush of adrenalin riding the surf, or the rush of the wind riding a bike downhill towards the shore… You could be amazed with child-like awe at the array of iconic creatures and other-worldly landscapes… You could open up new realms of discovery just by putting your head underwater while snorkelling from our beach or from our private yacht.

In touch with nature
Explore las Grietas. Las Grietas are a fascinating rock formation of two cliffs separated by an ocean water chasm.
Walk through lava tunnels. Visit one of the island’s lava tunnels, significant geological formations that take us back in time and act as a stark reminder of the islands’ volcanic origins!
Hike, Bike, Observe wildlife. 

Water activities
Scuba Dive. Here, in the myriad shades of blue of the Pacific Ocean, live sharks, snake eels, sea turtles, mantas, amberjacks, and barracudas as well as tropical fish, multi-coloured sponges, moray eel, octopus, and more – sharply focused in the crystalline waters.
Snorkel. Beginners and experienced snorkelers alike will quickly fall in love with snorkelling in Galapagos. The Marine Reserve showcases numerous unusual coloured fish species, enormous sea turtles, and harmless sharks. And sharing the water with playful sea lions is, of course, an unforgettable experience.
Meet giant tortoises, Kayak, Splash in Tortuga Bay, Day tours aboard Sea Lion Yacht.


Finch Bay Rooms and Finch Bay Suites offer comfortable interior and exterior spaces that unite guests with the hotel’s natural, peaceful setting.

The hotel’s 21 Finch Bay Rooms are arrayed in a ring around the property, connected by an attractive wooden walkway through the hotel’s landscaped gardens. All of the rooms have balconies with hammocks, perfect for a read or a snooze after a day discovering the islands. Measuring a comfortable 20 m2 (217 ft2), rooms are available as single or double options.

The hotel’s Finch Bay Suites are the newest additions to its architecture, split into two sets: four to the west of the property and two to the east. All of them are slightly elevated giving them unparalleled views across the bay and the ocean. Artfully mimetic, with their walls lined with dark volcanic stones and discreet wooden handrails, the suites blend in subtly with the environment. Their balconies are the ideal place to relax after a day of exploring, while the bedrooms and bathrooms are ample, at 32 m2 (344 ft2). Four of the suites are interconnected, making them great choices for families or friends travelling together.